Why do we do this sensory thing?

So here we are in the middle of July…it has been so incredibly long since I blogged.  Maybe you are curious what has been going on with Insight Factory and what have I been doing?

My life changed dramatically with the loss of my best friend and husband on April 7, 2012.  After over 2 years, I am still working on the best path forward.  This has required a lot of soul searching and a dose of courage to plan a course without my best friend along for the journey.  I can’t begin to thank friends, family and clients that have been with me during this time.  Without  all that support I can’t imagine what the path would have been like.

There has been a renewed focus on my physical self.  I lost Jeff to a sudden heart attack and I urge everyone I meet (even if you feel fine…yes I mean you) to get checked out and be sure that you have that physical.  None of us looks forward to it but it is a necessary thing and must be done…so please, do it and don’t put it off any longer okay?  Thanks! :-)   If any of you have seen me, I have been changing my body and working hard to get fit and healthy.

So with all of that, the outer change goes along with inner change as well.  I wasn’t sure when or if I could return to moderating and working with consumers.  I have to say the first couple projects were difficult but working with amazing clients made it therapeutic and healing for me.

During this time I questioned why I do what I do as a career.  I don’t know if any of you ever question why it is we do what we do and what is the purpose in all of it…after losing Jeff I questioned the “worth” of what I do for a career.  After all how could making products smell and taste better even begin to compare with the careers of those that had worked tirelessly to save Jeff’s life?

The big mistake was trying to compare…of course you can’t compare!  Here is what I have come to understand…every day in small (and sometimes big) ways we make people who use consumer products feel better about themselves, their homes and the meals they serve their families.  Think about the new mom who finally gets a few minutes to take a shower  and have a few minutes to herself.  She opens the bottle gets a quick hint of the fragrance to come, she can feel the luxuriousness of the lather and a calming scent fills her bath room…what if those sensory experiences were not there for her?  She would still get clean, but we make sure those sensory experiences are there for her.  We make sure it is more than just getting clean and we make sure that even for those few minutes she can relax just a little bit.  We do indeed make a difference…what difference will you make in someone’s life?

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